Build a predictable revenue stream and expand

to new markets for your SaaS solution.

We find customers for your niche SaaS product and do your sales. Worldwide. Making revenue growth predictable.


The problem: Growing your SaaS business in a niche industry is tough.

You could have the best product in your field, with a tremendously skilled development team and an army of well-trained support specialists. And yet, if you don’t find the right approach to sales, all that hard work could very well be for nothing.

Thats where we come in.

We work with CEOs, MDs, and Sales Managers who need to drive new revenue streams, especially in new markets, and help them meet their business objectives – and beyond.


Five Reasons Why Growth is an Issue


A Small Network

Niches are, by design, relatively small. Young companies might not have built up a large network of niche contacts who’d benefit from their SaaS platform.


Demanding Investors

Investors can only go so long funding development without results. Once a company’s investors decide they want to see increasing revenues, they might have to drive sales. Fast.


Sales as a Side Hustle

Sales is a full-time job. Full stop. Having an MD or even CEO do it on top of their existing duties isn’t viable once a business starts scaling up.


Quick-Win Mentality

Quick wins are great in the short-term. But when next year’s sales funnel looks frighteningly empty without a core group of long-term subscribers, you need to close the big wins.


A Small Home Market

A home-field advantage is all well and good, but if a company’s niche isn’t big in their geographical region, it may be time to expand beyond their borders.

Do you recognise any of these? If not, congratulations - you do not need us!


Selling a niche software solution requires a different approach

You’ve probably figured out by now that niche SaaS software requires a very unique kind of sales expertise. It’s very different from selling a commodity software solution, like a CRM system or any other system that just about everyone needs.
Focusing on a very particular group of customers to sell your niche product to often requires going international and expanding to other geographical markets. That means entering markets where potential customers might not know you.
Regular sales and marketing campaigns don’t cut it. Most niche SaaS companies will struggle to create brand awareness campaigns in multiple geographical territories.

Many of these companies are struggling with the same things.

Not having the right budget to create brand awareness

Showing up at industry events, but not generating leads

Prospects that seem enthusiastic, but turn out to have no budgets.

Needing sales now but not finding people wanting to buy now

Not being invited to bid on projects and losing to more established names.

Simply not having the capacity to work on hundreds of leads, and giving them all the continuous attention they need.


Why do companies come to us for help?

At Dronyc, we have the niche sales expertise that these companies and their executives lack. We fill the gap of knowledge and know-how with over a decade of experience, having generated more than 127 million euros in sales for our customers in 48 countries since 2008, thanks to our powerful AMROD-N methodology.

Companies come to us because they know that they need help to expand and grow in new markets.

Dronyc Sales has generated over 127 million euros in sales for its customers in 48 countries.


We work for:

Companies that have a well-developed niche software solution to sell
Have an ARR per customer of at least 1200€
Have at least some customers using their product in their home market
Are empowered by a strong desire to generate new revenues in new geographical markets

❌  We do not work for:

Companies that have a physical product to sell
That that are still in the MVP or MMP phase
That have no sales in their home market
That do not want to invest in sales and marketing

So what’s next?

The first step we have to take is to have a conversation. All we need is 45 minutes of your time, and we’ll know whether or not we can help you - and if we can, we’ll give you a general idea of how we’ll approach your goals. If you’re not ready to have the call yet but like to have more info on how we work and learn about our AMROD-N methodology, click the applicable box.

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