Building a predictable revenue stream in new markets for your niche SaaS solution.


Having a niche SaaS product and growing your business

You have a well developed niche SaaS product and have worked hard finding a team of skilled developers. There is no such thing more difficult than finding the right people! You have noticed for a while that not much attention has gone into Sales. Or there has, but it has not resulted in much.

We work with CEO’s, MD’s and Sales Managers who are in need of new revenues streams, often in new markets. There are four reasons:

  • The company is relatively young and the network of people they know to offer their niche SaaS platform to, is wearing out.
  • The company’s investors have been funding development… and more development. And some more. And are now at the stage that they want to see increasing revenues.
  • The company is relatively small, and the MD has been doing Sales as a side-hustle, but realises it is actually more than a full time job in itself
  • The company has hired and let go off numerous sales people who have at best closed some quick and easy wins, but next year’s sales funnel looks frighteningly empty 
  • The company’s own geographical home-market does not offer enough new opportunities.

Do you recognise any of these? If not, congratulations- you do not need us!

Selling niche software solution requires a different approach

Niche SaaS Software Sales requires a specific Sales expertise. You have probably found that out already. It is quite different from selling a commodity software solution, like a CRM system or any other system that most companies need. 

Focussing on a very particular group of customers to sell your niche product to, often requires going international and expanding to other geographical markets. That means entering markets where potential customers might not know you. 

Regular sales and marketing campaigns don’t cut it. It is out of reach for most SaaS niche solution companies to create brand awareness campaigns in multiple geographical territories. 

Many of these companies are struggling with the same things:

  • Knowing to create more brand awareness, but not having the proper budget
  • Trying everything in their power to set up as many appointments as possible for industry events they are participating in. And the hangover after those events: no or hardly any new deals.
  • Prospects that seem enthusiastic, but turn out to have no budgets.
  • Trying to have sales now but not finding people wanting to buy now
  • Not being invited for RFx processes and losing from more established names.
  • Just not having the capacity or knowledge to work on hundreds of leads, and all giving them the continuous attention they need.

Why do companies come to us?

Companies come to us because they want new customers in new markets, and they want to grow their revenues. They have come to realise that selling a niche software solution in new markets requires specific expertise. They come to us because this is our expertise, we are good at it, and we have been doing it since 2008 using our own AMROD-N methodology.

We work for:

  • Companies that have a niche software solution to sell that is well developed
  • That have an ARR per customer of at least 1200 euro
  • That have at least some customers using their product, in their home market
  • That has a strong ambition to generate new revenues in new geographical markets

We do not work for:

  • Companies that have a physical product to sell
  • That are still in the MVP or MMP phase
  • That have no sales in their home market
  • That do not want to invest in sales and marketing.

Next steps

The first step we have to take is to have a conversation and qualification. We go through a number of points to determine if we can help you with your revenues ambitions.

The call will take 45 minutes, and after this call, you will know if we can help you or not. If we can help you, then we will also send you a general outline on how. 

If you’re not ready to have the call yet but like to have more info on how we work and learn about our AMROD-N methodology, click the applicable box.


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